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Pons Aemilius (Ponte Rotto)

Pons Aemilius (Ponte Rotto)

This is a print of a hand-drawn pen picture that I drew of Pons Aemilius (Ponte Rotto), the oldest Roman stone bridge in Rome. It once spanned the River Tiber (Tivere), connecting the Forum Boarium with Trastevere. Today it lies in the middle of the river, isolated from everything.


This print is available in both A4 and A3. 


I have produced a limited edition of prints for this drawing:


  • 91 in A4
  • 51 in A3

Details of the print:

  • Paper size: A4 (210mm x 297mm) or A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  • Paper type: Cotton
  • Paper weight: Heavy (250-300 gsm)
  • Each print comes with a small border
  • Image size: Roughly 190mm x 267mm (A4), 267mm x 380mm (A3)
  • Limited edition print: (1 of 91 - A4), (1 of 51 - A3)
  • Each print is signed and numbered
  • All prints are produced from recycled paper
  • Items are hand wrapped and packaged carefully using recycled and/or recyclable materials
  • No plastic materials are used at all
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